Lighting Design and Direction:
The Richmond Bridal Showcase

Showcase Productions produces several shows a year for Karen Eagle, a Richmond bridal boutique. This year, Dan Eagle was interested in kicking the level of the show up to the level of a New York style production. I was subcontracted as lighting designer/director and video designer. I also supervised all of the installation, including instruments, power distribution, and rigging.

The System
The lighting system consisted of two elements - a brilliant white wash to light the runway and a number of automated fixtures for color and movement. The director requested a few specials for the MCs and hotspots for the models. The show was to be held at the Richmond Convention center, so arena-style rigging was used. We used a chainmotor-hung clearspan truss, as well as four 10' bars installed above the stage. For sidefill, we used a number of Par instruments on trees.

Truss-mounted dimmer packs were used for their ease of control and installation. The rig was controlled with the Showmagic system.

Video System
To get full coverage of the runway and MCs, we used a three camera setup. The set contained a built-in rear projection screen, so I brought in a projector on a custom mount which allowed it to be affixed to a lighting tree backstage. Showmagic was used for video playback, while mixing, preview, and routing was all done using the components in my flight case.

Equipment Used
2 Altman 360Q 6x9
10 ETC Source 4
6 Martin MX4 Scanners
4 Martin CX4 Color Changers
16 Par 36

37' Clearspan Truss
4 10' lighting pipe
2 1/2 ton chainmotors
2 16' crank trees

2 Power Distro boxes
8 4 channel dimmer packs

Showmagic AV128 - video playback, lighting control
Videonics MXPro mixer
Kramer SIS4x4 matrix switcher